Libby Parker, CEDS-S

5, 6, 7, Eat!

The Broadway DietitianTM


Support group for performers

 Are you a theatre person struggling with disordered eating, body image, and outdated industry standards?

A support, education, and coaching group for performers overcoming diet culture and re-learning to love their body amidst the performance industry standards. Our first 4 cohorts were met with much praise!

This summer we are doing a condensed 3-week intensive, this includes 2 nights a week of a combined dialectical education topic and plenty of time for support and discussion with your peers. 

We will be covering:

Week 1: Fueling for rehearsals and busy schedules (hydration, timing, what to eat for energy)

Week 2: Audition nerves (body image, comparing)

Week 3: And Fueling for performance days (digestive issues on stage, eating before and after show)

Discuss disordered eating and body image woes as performers, with education and recovery coaching by eating disorder expert, Libby Parker.* We also accept theatre people who have adjacent struggles such as substance use/sobriety.

Unique to theatre people, 5, 6, 7, Eat! holds space for the unique issues people in the industry face.

Open to all genders, ages 18+.


The next Cohort:  Fall 2024

Please email with questions.

*this is not medical nutrition therapy, or meant to replace work with your individual providers.  

“Eating disorders can be isolating by nature, and performers who struggle with them often face a special set of concerns that outsiders might not understand. As such, I’m grateful to Libby for creating a space where we can openly discuss these issues and receive validation and support from others who “get it.” Her blend of compassion, humor, and practical advice is refreshing and I’d recommend her group to anyone in the industry seeking help with such matters.”
- E.C., Actress & Group Participant

“Libby’s Anti-Diet support group for performers was just what I needed. I had been seeing a nutritionist for a while who is lovely, and even extols intuitive eating, and a therapist who has experience with folks with eating disorders, but I got off a call one day and just thought: there HAS to be someone out there who addresses this specifically from a performer perspective. There are so many folks in the industry who I know struggle with this. One simple google search found me The Broadway Dietitian and Libby.

Her way of being able to stay present while also guiding the group in some kind of structure is remarkable. Her knowledge is vast and her awareness of her own personal experience in the moment is too. She was able to help me discover some holes in my thinking around food. Of course, being in conversation with other people with different experiences than me brought about thoughts and perspectives that I may not have been conceiving before. Just seeing other people on my screen nodding along to thoughts that I probably had never said out loud was so validating, reassuring, and motivating. Thank you Libby, for coming into my life at the right place and right time! I have space in my brain I never knew I was lacking, now that I’ve finally let go of some of my unnecessary thought patterns around food and my body.”

- H.B., Actress & Group Participant