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Libby Parker, MS, RD, CDN, CEDS-C

Making It Awkward Podcast

– Feb 2024 “Food & Body Stuff in the Spotlight and Backstage with Libby Parker and Stephanie Lexis”

OnStage Blog

– Jan 2018 Blog “Libby Parker: Making Performer’s Health Their Top Priority”

– Aug 2016  Blog “Re-Igniting My Passion For Dance As An Adult”

Backstage magazine

Health expert columnist, see my profile with links to all articles.

Expert comment:

– Jan 2022 How To Have a Healthy Relationship With Your Main Instrument: Your Body.

Broadway Body Positivity Project

– Aug 28, 2019 video “The Broadway Dietitian” interview. Nutrition and Wellness for Theatre Actors and Singers

Broadway World

– August 6, 2023 “Performer Body Image Coaching & Support Group Led by The Broadway Dietitian Now Open for Fall Cohort”

The Monitor – Marymount Manhattan College

– April 2023, “Libby Parker: The Broadway Dietitian Making a Difference”

Beltline To Broadway podcast

– April 2021 video The Broadway Dietitian Talks Body Positivity, Body Norms, and Disordered Eating

I’m F*cking Hot Podcast

– May 2021 Intuitive eating, health at every size, and the binge/restrict cycle ft. Dietitian Libby Parker

Dr. Drama

– Aug 2020 Blog “Eating Disorders in the Theatre”


– video Dancer nutrition panel

– video Dancer Nutrition FAQs

Artist’s Strategy

– May 2022 IG Live Taking care of your body and diet as a performer

Dancing With ED, Inc.

– May 2022 IG Live Diet Culture in Community Musical Theatre

Build Up Dietitians

– May 27, 2022 FB Live What Does a Broadway Dietitian Do? Q&A

Performer Power-Up  Podcast with Meg Fry

– June 2022 Nutrition for Performers

Broadway World 

– Oct 2021 Lineup Announced for “Becoming Broadway: An Introduction To A Career in Theatre Virtual Open House


– Oct 2021 Situation and NYC Mayor’s Office Host ‘Becoming Broadway: An Introduction to a Career in Theatre’ 

Other Press & Media

Wisdom ‘N Wellness 

– April 2019 “Can Intuitive Eating Still Be Nutritious?”

Project Heal 

– July 2018 “New Term For Lasting Issues: Nutrichondria and Diet Culture”  

– Sept 2018 “Celebrating The Small Victories”

Recovery Warriors 

– Dec 2016 “How The Presidential Election is Affecting People With Eating Disorders”

Thrive Global 

– Sept 2021 “Tips to Prepare for Virtual Counseling Sessions

– Aug 2017 “5 Ways To Help A Friend Who Is Struggling With Disordered Eating”  

– Aug 2019 “Why do eating disorders develop in college?”

Shoutout LA

– December 2023 Meet Libby Parker Certified Eating Disorders Specialist, and Treatment Consultant

New Times 

– May 30, 2019 SLO Nutritionist Pens Advice Book for Disordered Eating in College

-June 3, 2022 3 Ways To Nourish Your Hot Girl Summer 

Nourish SLO Blog 

– July 16, 2019 Health and Happiness: An Inside Scoop on Libby Parker

SLO Tribune 

– Jan 26 & 27, 2019 Do I have an Eating Disorder?
– Part 1: This Cal Poly Student Was In A Fight For Her Life – And She Kept It A Secret From Everyone
– Part 2: Every Meal Is A Battle

Mustang News 

– Nov 2016 “Eating Disorders At Cal Poly”

Side by Side Nutrition 

– Feb 2020 “Stories of eating disorder Recovery: Eat Foods That ‘Don’t Count’”
The Independent 

– Nov 2018 “What Happens To Your Body When You Limit Carb Intake”

OnStage Blog 

– Jan 2018 “Libby Parker: Making Performer’s Health Their Top Priority”

805 Living Magazine 

– Jan/Feb 2017 Interview for “A Healthy Resolve”
(​see pages 22 and 67 of the digital edition)


– Jan 2022 “Creating Healthy Eating Habits From Home – Tips From The Experts

Fad Free Nutrition Blog

– Nov 2020 Permission To Eat made the “15 Best Intuitive Eating Books to Heal Your Relationship with Food & Body” 

The Diabetes Council 

– Aug 2017 “53 Experts share tips and strategies to stop binge eating” (Scroll to #15)


– Aug 2018 “People are Trying the Military Diet to Lose Weight Fast – Here’s Why Expert’s Say They Don’t Recommend It.”

Stars Insider – Jan 2018 “Dietitians Warn Against The Following Food Trends.”


– Jan 2018 “Are Instagram Food Trends Destroying Your Diet?”
– Feb 2018 “Is The Keto Diet Bad For You?” (spoiler: yes!)
​- Aug 2018 “Why Eating More Might Actually Be The Secret To Losing Weight.” (not in love with the slant this article took, but my quote is correct)

Women’s Health 

– Jan 2018 “6 Foods You Should Quit Buying Right Now, According to Nutritionists”

Upstate Parent 

– Jan 2018 “Get Your Food and Fitness Habits on Track With Advice From Experts.”

– March 2018 “Why I Don’t Learn My Weight At The Doctor’s, And Why You Don’t Have To Either.”

Thrive Works 

– May 2018 “Why Should I Try Online Counseling?”

Prevention Magazine 

– Feb 2018 “5 Myths about Lemon Water You Need To Know”

Laugh It Off Podcast 

– July 2021  Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating, and Giving Yourself Permission To Eat

Fraternity Foodie Podcast

Ep. 115 What tools can college students use to break up with their eating disorder?

Women Making Waves

Let’s Talk about it – body image

Sweat With Soph Podcast 

 #NoFilter event recording

Fearless Practitioners 

 Aug 20, 2019 Episode 39 Permission To Eat and Be You in Your Practice

– Aug 11, 2021 Episode 128 Incorporating Your Passions Into Your Group Practice

KPRL Public Radio 

– Nov 26, 2019 Sound Off (start at 34:40)


– Aug 26, 2019 Season 2 Libby Parker


– Sept 24, 2019  Libby Parker

Broadway BoPo 

– Aug 28, 2019 “The Broadway Dietitian” Interview. Nutrition and Wellness for Theatre Actors and Singers 

KCBX Public Radio 

– Feb 25, 2019 Eating Disorders & Mental Health On College Campuses 

School Nutrition Dietitian Podcast 

– Dec 11, 2019  Episode 23 Fighting Disordered Eating With Evidence Based Nutrition

Conscious Life Space Guru 

– April 2019 Episode 10 The Invisible Diseases We Classify As Eating Disorders

Ignite Her Fire Podcast 

– Oct 2018 Episode 35 Not Your Average Nutritionist

ABC news TV segment

– Aug 2018 “Are Social Media Food Photos Ruining Your Diet?” “How Social Media Could Be Wrecking Your Diet” and “Food Photos Ruin Diets” (misquote – certified nutrition specialist is NOT what I said. Look for Registered Dietitians!)


The BroadwaY Body positivity project

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I’m all about health for performers – from a weight-neutral/positive body image place. I provide expert comment for any nutrition-related querys.

I love speaking to BFA groups (notably “CARES” programs at colleges) and offer online health classes specific for stage performers.


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