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Libby Parker, MS, RD, CDN, CEDRD

Libby Parker, MS, RD, CDN, CEDRD is an international best-selling author, and Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian. Her book, Permission To Eat, guides readers through eating disorder recovery with education and action steps she uses with private clients. Libby’s sub-niche is in helping stage performers optimize their health and nutrition like the athlete they are, through weight-neutral evidence-based science. This passion comes from her background in musical theatre. Libby has been on stage most of her life, and continues to perform in regional film and theatre. She is currently working on a book and college curriculum on health for stage performers. You can find her on Instagram @TheBroadwayDietitian

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Kara Jonsson,

“Libby is an incredible resource for any student and/or theatre professional who is seeking a more intentional relationship with their vessel. She has nuanced perspectives on what it means to have a sustainable, healthy relationship with food. Her presentation was immensely helpful to me and my peers. I learned practical skills on how to meal prep and look at food! Moreover, she is an excellent communicator with a personal flair that makes her work palatable and fun!”

-Hannah Magy, Secretary of Millikin CARE

“Hearing Libby speak was such an eye opening experience for me! The idea of trying to incorporate things like intuitive eating in my life has literally changed my relationship with food!”

- Samuel Pottinger, Rising Senior, OCU

“Libby was a powerful speaker at our Body Empowerment town hall. Her honesty mixed with her positivity presented a new viewpoint that I had never thought to consider about the industry and our bodies. I had always felt insecure about the body I would bring to auditions, but she reminded me that it is a gift. I know now that I shouldn’t let the way other people see my body prevent me from chasing the part of the industry I want to be in—my body is not limiting, but the vessel for my art.”

- Sadie Koopman, Rising Junior, OCU

“Libby was one of the reasons as to why I applied for Leadership in OCU CARE. Seeing the real change she created through our organization and our student body was incredibly inspiring, and any school would be lucky to have her as a resource.” 

- Ella Dolynchuk, Rising Junior, OCU

“Libby’s conversation and talk back with our CARE community was one of the most encouraging and educational experiences I have ever had. As someone who has struggled with body image and disordered eating in the past, I personally found our discussion with Libby was empowering and encouraging, as I know many others did. The education she provided us with on HAES, proper meal planning to get all of the nutrients you need, and how this could apply to us as performers changed the way I viewed my relationship with food and my body in so many positive ways. I would recommend Libby to anyone I know, whether they feel they have an unhealthy relationship to food or not, because Libby’s educational guidance and encouragement impacted me, and I know will impact many others. Libby is a rock star.”

- Leah Mossman, Rising Senior, OCU

“Libby is AHmazing! She shared so much with our music school campus community about how to nourish our bodies from a body neutral standpoint. I learned so much about intuitive eating and how to fuel my body to perform!” 

- Grace Knight, Rising Senior, OCU

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