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a Registered Dietitian, actress, best-selling author, teacher, consultant, business owner…among other things. 

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About the Blog

The Broadway Dietitian was born to inspire confidence in theatre lovers. It’s a blog about my life as a performer, writer, and dietitian boss helping people heal from eating disorders. 

Here you will find inspiration from my experience coming to love and appreciate myself after a restrictive eating disorder, to now having the confidence to perform and run a business, and take on other work.

Need help feeling your own worthiness? You are in the right place.

About Libby Parker

Hey, I’m Libby, thanks for being here!

I’m a New Yorker, originally from Minnesota, with an 11-year interlude on the central coast of California.

I owned a group dietitian practice, Not Your Average Nutritionist, in CA for 10 years, and am the author of 3 books, including my highly-regarded first book, Permission To Eat: A practical guide to working yourself out of an eating disorder during college, while celebrating the awesomeness that is you! My mission is to help people recover from eating disorders and get back to finding their passion in life. I especially love working with college students. 

My professional background: I am a “Certified Eating Disorders Specialist – Supervisor” from the international association of eating disorder professionals, and have both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Nutrition Science. I have been an eating disorder Registered Dietitian since 2012. I also have a minor in Leadership, but started as a musical theatre minor before switching schools.

I’ve worked in private practice, ED business development, corporate wellness (fun fact: my corporate wellness gig was at Diablo Nuclear Power Plant, and I’m probably the only dietitian with knowledge of nuclear energy), college nutrition professor, public health, personal and group fitness training, the wine industry, tea room manager, bed and breakfast attendant, and more. 

My performing background: I entered dance classes at the age of 3 thanks to my mom who loved to dance. I was brought up on the classic VHS musicals, and saw my first professional show (42nd Street) at the age of 5. I loved it so much I begged my mom to take me to see it again, and a theatre lover was born!

Throughout the years I took all kinds of dance classes, finding a real love in ballroom/social dance, especially swing (with lifts/aerials) in college. I lettered in Drama in High School, where I got my first real taste of being in musicals in a real theatre setting (and learned I am not cut out for tech work).

After becoming a RD, I got back into community theatre, beginning with A Chorus Line in 2014, and I never looked back. Since then I have performed in many local/regional shows, auditioned for Broadway shows, started working in film, and tried to keep up with dance and voice lessons as my career and parenthood allow. It is when I am rehearsals or a show that I am fully present and alive. 

I know you get it.

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