The broadway Dietitian


The Broadway DietitianTM


Individual and Group

 Consulting (formerly “supervision”) for Registered Dietitians wanting to work with eating disorders. 

Booking Provided by Healthie

 2023 Upcoming iaedp approved group consulting sessions:

FREE – October 16, noon EST


Email me to RSVP for the free group and to get the zoom link –
I’m looking forward to meeting you!

“I was so thankful to have been able to do supervision with Libby.  I had a challenging client and needed a lot of guidance and support with the next steps for counseling.  Libby was so easy to talk to and helped me with a clear plan.  I have been counseling eating disorders for 3 years and this guidance from Libby’s experience was wonderful.  I now understand some key skills needed as an outpatient ED RD.  It was incredibly valuable to have had a session with her and I am forever grateful.”

-Lauren Dorman, MS, RD, CDE