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 Consulting (formerly “supervision”) for Registered Dietitians wanting to work with eating disorders. 

Eating disorder work is not something we learn much about in school – much less become competent in – without lots of additional experience, education, and supervision by experienced professionals. 

I totally get it! As a RD who completed undergrad in 2011 when the “o*esity epidemic” was being taught, we were not equipped to work with fragile eating disorder (ED) clients. After many years of client counseling, supervision/mentorship by rockstar EDRDs, continuing education, jobs, and a master’s degree with an ED track, I finally feel competent and I LOVE teaching the next generation of ED providers!

My experience “supervising” others includes several private supervisees, former RD employees of my group practice, many dietetic interns, and a job as the RD supervisor for a group practice of ED RDs. 

If you are looking to get your CEDS certification from iaedp, or just want to learn to be a better provider, I would love to work with you!

Contact me about 1:1/dyad (2 providers), or group consultation for eating disorder work. Consultation includes case consulting, education on specifics of the client’s needs as well as useful counseling skills. 


2024 Upcoming iaedp approved group consulting sessions:



I’m looking forward to meeting you!

“I was so thankful to have been able to do supervision with Libby.  I had a challenging client and needed a lot of guidance and support with the next steps for counseling.  Libby was so easy to talk to and helped me with a clear plan.  I have been counseling eating disorders for 3 years and this guidance from Libby’s experience was wonderful.  I now understand some key skills needed as an outpatient ED RD.  It was incredibly valuable to have had a session with her and I am forever grateful.”

-Lauren Dorman, MS, RD, CDE

“Libby is a phenomenal dietitian and an excellent supervisor and boss in so various ways! I had the privilege to work for her and she always made herself available to help me in whatever way she could. I would often call and want to “staff” a client with her, a meeting where I would discuss a particular case that I was struggling with and ask for guidance. Libby was exceptional at offering expert advice, in helping me to think critically or providing questions to ask in my nutrition counseling sessions, and ensuring I felt comfortable with the plan we created to move forward.

Libby herself is a wealth of knowledge. She is so very well versed in the treatment of eating disorders and also has excellent resources she would often encourage me to utilize. Libby equipped me in my career and helped me at every turn. I often wondered what I would do if I couldn’t call her to ask what she would do in any particular situation. She was a very essential, if not vital, part of my success as an eating disorder dietitian.”

- Briauna Pate, RD, LD