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Not Your Average Nutrition Counseling with

The Broadway DietitianTM


Individualized counseling for those struggling with disordered eating/eating disorders


 Are you a theatre person struggling with disordered eating?

We all know “the biz” comes with an image-driven culture. Whether directly impacting your body image through comments and “making weight” or in more subtle ways from colleagues, like “I only eat ‘X’ before a show,” I get the impact the theatre community has on your physical and mental health. 

Whether you are on-stage or backstage, your nutrition and mental health is important!

My philosophy is that ALL foods can fit in a healthy diet, and that you can practice health and  self love no matter your size.

In nutrition counseling, I work with you in a one-on-one approach to create trust in your body and eat intuitively. 

My superpower is in helping clients identify barriers to change. I do this through detective work of your daily patterns and behaviors (behavior chain analysis), and providing advice and evidence-based education as to why these patterns are occurring and ways to create lasting change and make food enjoyable again!    

If you want to turn off the constant food thoughts so you can focus on more important things, stop waiting money time buying foods you don’t actually like (or need), and develop better body image and self-effiacy, look no further!

“Libby played an instrumental part in helping me achieve a healthy relationship with food after many years of struggling with an eating disorder. I was hesitant to work with a dietician prior to Libby, and I was surprised by how safe and comfortable I felt working with her. Libby met me where I was in my recovery, and she helped guide me forward at an appropriate pace for my individual needs. She really took her time to get to know me, and I felt willing to trust her with creating a meal plan that would be in my best interest, even if it was uncomfortable at first. I made a lot of progress in my recovery and was able to find balance between the extremes of my eating disorder. I learned that I could enjoy all foods again and eat normally without food rules governing my choices. Recovering from an eating disorder and forming a good relationship with food is never easy and having Libby’s unending support made a big difference in my healing process.”

- Brittany Burgunder

“Libby was a joy to work with as a client struggling with long-standing disordered eating. She was quick to identify problem areas and was able to help me navigate through the tough process of recovery. She was extremely compassionate and offered a safe, judgement-free space. With her guidance, treatment plan, and book, I was successfully able to overcome my eating disorder and am living my best life because of it! I highly recommend Libby Parker to anyone struggling with similar issues. You won’t be disappointed :)”

- Beth R.

“Libby is compassionate, understanding, and a joy to work with through all stages of my nutrition and food journey! She’s very knowledgeable but also candid in sharing her own experiences with nutrition and food stigma. Through working with her, I gained a much healthier perspective on food and the various ways I was letting it have power over my lifestyle. Now, I eat intuitively, have the skills to adjust my diet with changing activity levels, and feel positive or neutral emotions around food and food events!”

- Rollie G.

I would recommend Libby to anyone who wants to develop healthy eating habits. She really listens to what your issues are, your medical history and provides you with the building blocks you need to succeed.  She has suggested many alternatives to work around food sensitivity.  Her website and resources are extremely helpful also.  She is a star in her field.”

- Carol O.

“Libby has completely changed my mindset around food, I can’t even begin to start listing all the positive impacts of her coaching. Libby is the perfect combination of a therapeutic, yet practical approach. She is methodical in her sessions and gives tangible goals that keep you accountable each week. I have recommended numerous friends and I will continue to recommend many more purely because I would not be in college or living the life I am today without Libby’s help.”

- Katie N.

Pricing and FAQs

more FAQs HERE


Initial session: up to 90 minutes


Follow-up sessions: 50 minutes



Save by purchasing monthly packages!

4 follow-up sessions/month

$600 (save $120) when purchased in advance

“Couples” (2 – 4 family members in the same house) session: 50 minutes


This is transparent pricing in accordance with the “no surprises act.” You are not paying for “a unit of time” but rather years of experience, training, and ongoing education. Package rate is paid in advance for the calendar month. If either party cannot keep their usual time, an alternative time is mutually agreed upon with no additional penalty (still with >24 hours notice).


How to Pay

I am not in-network with insurance, but nutrition counseling is payable with your HSA/FSA.

I am able to provide superbills that you may submit to insurance for potential reimbursement.

All payments are taken by credit card, debit, HSA or FSA.



Although sessions are “virtual” video calls, due to state licensure laws for Medical Nutrition therapy, I can only work with clients in select US states. These are subject to change with laws.* Currently I work with clients who are located in:


*inquire about other states in the US

**Clients from CA require a physician referral


*Formerly “Not Your Average Nutritionist, LLC”

Please use the contact form not the phone number on the video.


First Steps:

1. Complete an interest form and let me know a little about yourself and what you are looking at nutrition counseling for.

2. We will get back to you, and we can determine together if we are a good fit.

3. We will send you pre-session forms to fill-out online through a secure client portal (we use a platform called “Healthie”).

4. Schedule a time to meet!


I couldn’t have asked for a better dietician than Libby!  She has taken the time to really get to know me personally, and since this is such a personal process, that makes all the difference.  I can tell that she sincerely cares about me, and she is always very understanding.  She continually inspires me to do better and has motivated me when no one else could.  I don’t think that I could’ve come this far without her.
To sum it all up – Libby is the BEST!!!”

- Jaime S.

“Love Libby! I’ve been seeing her for a few months for eating /nutrition help and I find our sessions are fun and real! Highly recommend!

- Elizabeth C.

“About a year ago was the first time I met with Libby and her counseling and nutritional advice over the past year has really changed my everyday life. Libby, from the start, offers and warm and inviting environment with sessions individualized to what you need. Additionally, she was available by phone, email or texting whenever I needed her throughout the week. This was hugely a part of my nutritional success, knowing someone was on my team. A year later, I can say I have a much healthier relationship to food and exercise and have so many more resources from Libby to know the best lifestyle for me and my body. I would recommend seeing Libby for any nutritional, diet or exercise related issue.”

- Ashley A.