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Libby Parker, MS, RD, CDN, CEDS-S

Have you ever wondered…

Why you still feel awful even through you’ve tried every diet under the sun?

How some people seem to have it “all together” when you can’t seem to get anything together?

How to really take care of YOU?

Then you are in the right place!

Hi my name is Libby Parker, and after 11 years as an eating disorder registered dietitian, 10+ years as a business owner, and college minor (and life experience) in leadership, who has heard, seen, and lived a lot, I am ready to open up for broader life coaching and consulting. In fact, You can work with me for a FULL DAY!

You heard that right, a full 8-hour day of access to me through a cool app called Voxer. 

I am super pumped to be able to help people work through stuff in real time, over the course of your real-life day. Not just in a hour office visit, but while you are going through your actual day!

My super-power is helping people identify and overcome barriers. 

If you are hitting road-blocks, then I might be able to help. Think of me as your coach, brain-storming buddy, cheerleader, science-brain, consultant, person to try out ideas on, non-judgemental friend, and body acceptance warrior! 

Check out the offering, and apply for this exclusive 1:1 coaching offer. 

I can’t wait to meet you,


Coaching Services

Performer Health

– How to make it through long rehearsal days

– Get organized with your next steps

– Support for body acceptance

Putting YOU first

– How to take care of your body

– Setting boundaries

– Take me grocery shopping with you

– Raise your vibe

Getting Organized

– Unraveling your to-dos

– Make a schedule that works for you

– Figure out priorities

-Get sh*t done!

Consulting Services

Eating Disorder Work

– Professional training

– Client case consulting

Private Practice Business

– Getting started on running a business

– Gain clarity of your ideal client

– Wisdom from 10+ years of entrepreneurship

Leadership Skills

– Master managing employees

– Plan hiring/job posts

– From a leadership minor grad

– Celebrate wins

How To Work With Me 1:1

Work with me 1:1 for a whole (8 hour) day!

Let’s go deep with lots of time to process and think out what you are working on. 

Unlike traditional hour sesions, by having the whole day, the pressure is off to get everything covered quickly. You have time to think, try things, and get real-time feedback. 

This is a great option if you are a verbal processor, (you like to “talk things out”); but there is texting option as well, if you prefer to write. 

Get little pep talks from me throughout the day, and see what you can achieve!


What you get:

– UNLIMITED messaging with me for 8 hours the day you book. This is through Voxer where we can voice and text message as well as send links!

– Private, 1:1 time with me. No groups, no staff. Just you and me getting into your “stuff” and working on goals.