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when your child has an eating disorder.         

 When your kid has an eating disorder, you may be asking yourself…

Is this just a phase, or way to punish me? The doctor said they are “fine”/their weight is “fine.”

Will I have to pull them out of school? Can treatment wait until a school break? Will they still be able to go to college?

Why are mealtimes such a battle?

What will “fix” my kid? There are so many options, what is actually going to work? Who can I trust my child’s life with?

Can we just medicate or force-feed them?

Was it my fault?


Get your questions answered and find social support of others going through the same battle.

**NEW!** I have a parent/caregiver support group for those caring for someone with an ED. Parents can ask questions, receive education from me, get support from their peers, and just vent in a safe space.

$50 per 1.5 hour group (please RSVP)

Open globally to English speakers. Held over Zoom or a similar virtual platform.

Tuesdays noon-1:30 pm EST.

Upcoming dates:  TBD


Please email for questions and to RSVP.

What parents have to say about working with Libby

When you send your 1st child off to college it’s an exciting time with a whole new chapter in life beginning.  Some things remain though, and as in my daughter’s case, it was an eating disorder that was manageable yet still lurking.  She asked one of her professors if she could please give her a referral for a dietician with some qualities that were essential to her.  She was referred to Libby.  Her first meeting with Libby happened to be on the same weekend I was also visiting so I was able to meet briefly with her at the end of my daughter’s appointment. From the beginning Libby was accommodating and caring. When my daughter’s disorder came back with a vengeance, things became very worrisome for me because I was no longer there to make sure she was okay . . . but Libby was.  She has been working closely with my daughter to keep her safe, to help her to recover and hopefully break free from the bondage of this disorder. Libby keeps herself available to help my daughter everyday and has been a huge blessing in her life since she has been up in SLO.  My daughter knows she can go to her with any question or worry.  She looks forward to her appointments and completely trusts her.  They work hard together in the challenging times and rejoice together in the victories.  Libby has also kept in touch with me. The reality of how special Libby is hit me a couple months ago when the reality of my daughter’s condition and her body’s weakness during the flu season put her at risk for hospitalization.  After my initial fit of panic I composed myself and realized I actually had complete and total peace because I KNEW that Libby would take care of my daughter until I could get there.  
This is why I needed to write this . . . a mom needs to know that her precious gift is going to be cared for not only by someone who is excellent in her field of knowledge and training but by someone who has also has a heart full of compassion . . .  And when you find someone like that you want to let everyone know!”

- Laura S., mom of a former client