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My 33rd Birthday happens in June, which prompted me to reflect on 33 things I now know to be true.

This post was going to be all 33 tips…but it’s HARD to think of 33 non-cliche bits of wisdom, so this is going to be 3 posts of 11. 


  1. Don’t take your health for granted. Working with so many people struggling with different physical and mental illnesses, I feel so grateful every day for my health, even when I’m not 100%. Thank G-d, the universe, that you are as healthy as you are, because it could always be worse


  1. Know what you’re available/not available for. I got this idea from the wonder Cara Alwill in her book, Like She Owns The Place (love!), that you need to understand what you are and are not available for, and take no crap. She makes a great point of things like Uber drivers dropping you off where you requested to be dropped off, not across the street/down the block. You can ask for what you need. It’s not a bad thing.


  1. Find your rhythm. I don’t mean dance (though you should do that too!), but rather know when you are most productive with certain kinds of tasks, and try to schedule that way. For instance, I know my most focused creative work is in the morning, and workouts before noon, but nothing great gets done in the afternoon, so that’s a good time for housework or errands. 


  1. Get in a scheduling habit. Know how you keep track of your to-do’s, bills, appointments – whether with something like google calendar (my fave), or a paper calendar. Stay on top of it, and you’ll never pay late fees or miss something important. 


  1. Set yourself up for success. Find things that make your life easier, even if it is more prep or cost up-front. 


  1. Live alone at least once. Man, I wish I had really gotten to do this. I’ve had my own room most of my life, but it’s not the same as having your own, full, home (even if it’s a studio). I’m so jealous of all the people I follow who are decorating their NYC apartments for themselves. I can’t go back now, but I would totally recommend living alone for a while while you can. 


  1. Find your signature thing. I’ve come to realize, without trying, I tend to wear solid black tops and colorful bottoms/heels. It’s just how I be. Now that I’m conscious of it I think about my style when I’m out shopping. I know I don’t need more black tops, but how can I jazz them up with fun pants and jewelry? What is your thing?


  1. Let go of size. Those sizes on your clothing tags mean nothing. Really. Think about it, how many different sizes do you have in your closet? That fit now? Probably more than one – because there is not consistent clothing sizes (especially for women) across the fashion industry. So don’t shop by size, shop what fits you, and cut out the tags if the number still bothers you to look at. No one knows or cares what size you wear, so just get what fits.


  1. Find your signature drink. Alcoholic, non-alcoholic, it saves the awkward, “umm, what do you have?” conversation and frees your brain up for the conversation/event. That being said, variety is nice, but this is for those times when you are feeling indecisive. I’m a fan of a bourbon manhattan. 
martini and new york photo
  1. No matter how many shoes you have, you will always be missing that perfect pair for the occasion. Especially as an actress, it’s hard to find pretty, comfortable shoes that don’t have a logo for filming! …Is this an excuse to buy more shoes?…

  1. Don’t read the comments. If I have to explain this, you are lucky. Ignorance is bliss. 


Ok, that’s the first 11, do you do any of these already? Let me know in the comments!

Check back soon for parts 2 & 3.