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Do you have an actor, dancer, or other theatre performer in your life who is fed-up with the way health has been taught to them for their craft? All the dieting is making them unhealthy and probably irritable and depressed. 


Traditionally, “health and nutrition” taught in dance and acting programs is from a dance teacher who was taught to cut out food to stay in the “dancer body.” That doesn’t mean they are qualified or safe to teach others how to care for their body. 


If the performer in your life is ready to get healthy, without diet talk or weight loss pressure, and perform their best on-stage and off, consider the gift of “Whole Health For Performers.”


This online course (only $49 through the end of the year, for lifetime access) is the health class you never had in school – specific to the demands of theatre life.

Whole Health for performers course

Its for performers stressed about: 

How to stay in prime shape for the demands of choreography and long days?

What to eat on show days or during those long rehearsals?

Digestive issues (like gas or bloating) on stage?

Knowing how to take care of their voice? (like: is dairy really bad for my voice? Will honey help?)

Finding the right foods for energy without a “crash”

Breaking old health habits and creating new ones

How much to be exercising

Planning snacks/meals

Figuring out what health claims are true, versus myth

An eating disorder, addiction, anxiety, or depression


I teach EASY & ACHIEVABLE ways of dealing with the above.

Learn more and purchase at: https://notyouraveragenutritionist.com/whole-health-for-performers/

health conscious performer

Who am I to teach this?

Hi! I’m Libby, a Registered Dietitian (or nutrition expert) with both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Nutrition Science. I am a Certified Eating Disorders Specialist and I also focus on health for people who work in theatre – my passion.

Recently I have been speaking to BFA students in theatre and dance majors in a signature talk, “nutrition for theatrical students,” which has been met with great feedback. Additionally, I will be speaking at Broadway Con 2022 on a shortened version of this online class. 

I have been teaching college nutrition classes in-person and online since 2014, and decided to bring my experience to YOU in the comfort of your own home – no admissions application necessary!

Get my full bio/about me HERE


So are you ready to give the gift of sustainable health education this year?

This is not your average health class!

Learn more and purchase at: https://notyouraveragenutritionist.com/whole-health-for-performers/


P.S. – I’m thinking of offering “The Retreat” for performers again in early January! Learn more about this weekend of body-positive health classes HERE. Contact me if this is something you’d like more info about!

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