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Hey there, and welcome to my new blog!

My name is Libby Parker, and I am an eating disorder Registered Dietitian, group practice business owner, mom, wife, dog mom, and musical theatre performer/nerd.

I figured I’d start out with just introducing myself a little more, and sharing what to (probably) expect from this brand.

I fell in love with musicals when I was 5 years old when my mom took me to my first professional musical, 42nd Street, at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre. 

I was hooked. 

I begged her to take me again, and being a theatre lover herself we got to see it a second time. She loves to remind me that I said after the second show that the understudy was “no Leslie Brown” (the name of the lead we saw the first time). Ah, a critic from a young age.

Fast forward to selecting colleges, I ended up going to school to be a large-animal Veterinarian. Despite doing some theatre, and a lot of dance, I had ZERO confidence to major in theatre or pursue it as a career (“Do you know how hard it is to make it?” Ever hear that one? *sarcasm*). I loved animals, especially horses, and was good at science so I went for it. (fun fact, I started as a musical theatre minor, and had lettered in drama in high school).

I quickly knew that wasn’t going to be my career path when I realized in my first semester I wanted a life that would not include being called-out at 3am in a blizzard to stick my arm up a horses’ butt. 

With many science classes under my belt, and an eating disorder leading my thoughts that I was unaware of, I decided to switch majors to nutrition.

Boy, was I in for a shock.

When I decided to become a dietitian, I didn’t fully understand what that meant. I had seen the byline in some women’s magazines that had articles on weight loss. I’m good at losing weight, I thought, I can help others do it too. (Now, I laugh, because that is NOT my M.O. anymore).

No one prepared me for the rigorous curriculum, the required internship (like unpaid medical residency), legal hoops to jump through, and ultimately low pay in most jobs.

(I’ll do a whole other post on becoming a dietitian).

Fast-forward, I am now not only fully-recovered from my eating disorder, but loving being an eating disorder nutrition therapist and group practice owner. I help people see that they don’t need to “manage” their weight, but rather care for and respect their body with intuitive eating.

I get to do theatre and film in my community, and have started auditioning for broadway shows.

My dream is to live in NYC, run a large company making a difference, and someday perform on a Broadway stage. 

For now, I live on the central coast of California with my husband and 2 year-old daughter, and daydream of what is to come. 


Join me on my journey? 


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