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July 2023 I got to speak at the HUGE BroadwayCon in Manhattan, NYC, for the second year in a row. It is an honor to be alongside so many big names in the Broadway/Theatre industry. 

This year, I spoke with my wonderful colleague – Dr. Megan Wise, “The Broadway PT.”


Maintaining your Body for the 8-show Week: Healthy Habits that Actually Work and How to Implement Them like a Pro

Backstage pros, The Broadway PT and The Broadway Dietitian, come together to simplify maintaining your health and fitness for slaying 8 shows a week. Our combined years of experience helping performers from community theatre beginners to Broadway legends ensure you get tried and true tips so you can get back to the fun of playing on stage.

Learn how to apply these tips to your life through evidence-based approaches used daily with our clients. Be prepared for an interactive session that will push you to the next level of your performance career. You’ll walk away from this session with: 

  • Your ideal cross training options to stay show-ready 
  • Practical ways to properly fuel your body for sustained energy 
  • Proven recovery techniques to prevent injuries and burnout from hijacking your career

Watch the talk in it’s entirety below:

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